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Aeerum – Headphones for athletes and people with hearing problems

Walking, running while listening to music is a common practice and can become dangerous because we lose the ability to hear what is happening around us. Any alarm or warning signal such as the noise of a car, a beep or a scream is camouflaged by the music you are listening to.

what are headphones Aeerum?

Aeerum are the new headphones that brings us Qinux, after other successful products such as the drone Qinux Drone 4k now we get these Bluetooth wireless headphones with bone conduction technology.

What is bone conduction technology? good question... this technology is based on the fact that the sound is transmitted by vibration through the bones of the skull until it reaches the inner ear, therefore they do not damage the ear canal and the eardrum. With this method you can listen to music while you walk or run without isolating you from the rest of the sounds in your environment.

Aeerum, bluetooth headphones with bone conduction technology.

Headphone features and benefits Aeerum

  • headphone based on bone conduction technology, do not hurt the ears.
  • Greater safety on your outings by not isolating yourself from the sounds of your environment.
  • wireless, bluetooth
  • Headphones compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Autonomy of up to 6 hours of use.
  • Very light (29 grams)
  • USB type C cable for charging.
  • Headphones can be worn at the same time since they do not need to be inserted inside the ear

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Aeerum

How long does the battery last?

The battery has a use of approximately 6 hours of use.

Can you control the music?

You can change songs, volume up, volume down, pause and resume playing songs.

Is it compatible with Android and iOS?

Yes, it is compatible with almost 99% of devices

Can I listen to calls?

Yes, you can listen to calls and they can hear you perfectly.

What we like the most. Opinions.

According to the WHO due to unsafe listening practices, more than 1000 billion young adults are at risk of hearing loss. permanent and preventable hearing loss. This data is worrying, there are many people who are at risk of this hearing loss plus those who already have it for the same reasons.
These headphones have two main advantages, the eardrum does not suffer since they are not inserted inside the ear and it allows you not to be completely isolated from the rest of the sounds in your environment, with which you can reduce the risk of having an accident.

where can you buy Aeerum?

They are available online, you can buy them from their official store. You just have to place the order and you will receive them at home with free shipping. Also enjoy a 50% discount now.

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WHO and hearing loss