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GetFit Dumbbells – Opinions and Review. Smart dumbbells with mobile application.

GetFit Dumbbells  Opinions Review.

Lack of time will no longer be an excuse to get in shape, with these smart dumbbells you can keep track of your exercise and do entertaining workouts while exercising almost without realizing it.

What are the GetFit Dumbbells?

GetFit Dumbbells It is a set of smart dumbbells that connect to your mobile through an APP, the same application provides you with exercises that you can adjust in intensity to adapt the training to the way that most interests you.

Thanks to the exercises that it offers you, which also includes an entertaining dance mode, you will exercise almost without realizing it in an entertaining and interactive way.

GetFit Dumbbells

GetFit Dumbbells, train wherever you want in an interactive way keeping track of your exercise.

How are the GetFit Dumbbells?

In order to enjoy all its advantages, you must synchronize the smart dumbbells with the app, so you can synchronize your movements and keep track of your activity. The app is called Move It Fitness and it is compatible with IOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 or higher. You can find it in the official store or by scanning the QR of the instructions you will have the direct link.

When you connect them to your mobile phone, the app will offer you a wide variety of fast and fun exercises, adjusting the modality and intensity of the exercises to your needs.

Thanks to its motion sensor you can track your movements and measure your results, the app will show you the calories you have burned so you can control your activity.


  • Smart dumbbells with a sensor that monitors your movements.
  • Compact and lightweight design to be able to take them wherever you want.
  • App compatible with IOS and Android with different exercises.
  • Interchangeable core to be able to choose the weight you want.
  • Available in various colors: grey, green and pink and in 0,5kg and 0,75kg
  • Long duration battery USB rechargeable.

What we like the most. Opinions

The concept of smart dumbbells is very interesting, there are many people who, due to time motivation or other reasons, do not find the right time to start exercising, although the dumbbells do not have a very high weight, they can be compensated thanks to their app and the different exercises you can do, plus the fact that you can train interactively makes it more entertaining and motivates you to train.

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Where can I buy them?

They are only available online, you can buy it from their official store. You just have to place the order and you will receive it at home with. Take advantage of the introductory offer they currently have and enjoy a 50% discount.

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