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Thermopain – The patches that can help you relieve back pain


Back pain may be one of the main reasons why people go to their doctor, it is a very common pain that can cause time off work or even disability.

Back pain can affect in different ways, muscle pain, burning sensation or stabbing pain... and it can get worse depending on the movements we make, turns, lifting objects, walking...

What is Thermopain?

They are natural patches without drugs, which try to relieve muscle and back discomfort with natural ingredients, each patch provides up to 5 hours of heat that can help you relieve those pains or discomfort for 24 hours, each package includes 5 patches that you must use only once as they are not reusable.

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Thermopain, the natural patches that can help you relax muscle tension 

Characteristics Thermopain:

  • Heat patches for muscle pain relief
  • 100% natural ingredients. They don't use medication.
  • They can relieve muscle tension and speed recovery.
  • Do not combine with the use of other skin medications or other heat sources.
  • Each patch provides up to 5 hours of warmth with 24-hour pain relief.
  • Each package includes 5 patches.

What we like the most. Opinions

There are different patches on the market with different uses, patches that can help you have a flat stomach like the ones Parxal or Parxal Arms, contraceptive patches, patches to try to quit smoking… and the Thermopain te can help relieve muscle tension and speed recovery and relieve pain.

Each of the patches provides up to 5 hours of heat to help you relieve pain for 24 hours, but although back pain is not common and requires surgery, you should always consult a specialist if it is persistent pain that does not go away with rest and especially if it is accompanied by fever or has originated as a result of a fall.

If you prefer other types of devices, the Rest Nex, which is an electric massager also with a heat effect, but remember that the patches Thermopain they cannot be combined with other heat sources or skin medications.

Where can you buy it?

It is available online, you can buy it from its official store. You just have to place the order and you will receive it at home with free shipping with a minimum order (consult on the web). Take advantage of the introductory offer they currently have and enjoy a 50% discount.

(*) When placing a minimum order that you can check on the purchase page.


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